Using modern CAD and 3D technology, we are able to create individual, customised solutions – and we can also modify components as part of a redesign process.

Hand in hand with our customers

No suitable carbon brushes exist for your application? Then we will develop a tailor-made solution together! You feel at home with your complex current-transmission systems in numerous future markets – so do we. Our technical advisors enjoy putting themselves in your shoes in order to be able to design components which can be produced efficiently.

From requirements analysis and sampling to production and assembly, we provide expertise throughout the entire design and production process – for prototypes, single items, or serial production. The best thing is: thanks to our unusual manufacturing depth we can tune carbon brushes, holders and accessories to each other, supplying everything from one single source.

“During the design phase we lay the foundation for the best-possible customer product. It's always good to see how a product you can touch and feel is created from a 3D model, a product that meets the high standards of quality required by our customers.”

Sales Engineer

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