Comprehensive machinery

Our extraordinary manufacturing depth is our hallmark, a hallmark that guarantees you high-quality current-transmission components – made in Germany.

Your partner for in-depth quality

With our high-performance production facilities we carry out single item production as well as small and medium-sized series – and always with maximum efficiency. At MACK the batch size is not relevant on its own. We produce carbon brushes, sliding contacts or carbon brush holders in the quantity that you require for your unique current transmission systems.

We constantly invest in new technology as a matter of course. Together with the production of turned, milled, and stamped-bent parts, we also have an in-house plastic injection moulding facility. Thus we can not only mould and cut carbon bodies into shape, but also process most metal and plastic elements for a wide range of application situations. Everything from one source for you.

“Manufacturing carbon brushes is a complex matter that requires specialist knowledge. Many of our colleagues in the manufacturing department have worked for MACK for many years, which ensures you too can benefit from a huge wealth of experience. However, we will not tell you everything about how we manufacture our high-quality brushes. That is something akin to the Coca-Cola recipe.”

Head of Carbon Brush Manufacturing