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If something catches fire or gets stuck

Some 3,000 different types of brushes in our off-the-shelf store are just waiting to go into action. And if the right one is not amongst them, we will design a customised solution to help out in an emergency.

We do not believe in nothing doing

You have a problem, we solve it – that’s the deal. Whether in the course of regular machine maintenance or an unexpected repair job: We can supply a broad range of replacement parts within 24 hours, starting with single parts. Because we have decades of experience in stocking carbon brushes.

For special individual productions, we coordinate with you using photographs or construction drawings, then make samples of your requirements, produce the required tooling, and move quickly into production and assembly. Carbon brushes and brush holders from a single provider.

And if you like it easy, then our Carbon brush configurator can ‘advise’ you. Using the online tool you can easily make enquiries about or order typical small and industrial carbon brushes directly.


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