Brush holders with clamps

Brush pressure – as required

MACK brush holders with clamps are available in many different sizes, shapes, versions, and materials – also for your slip ring or commutator application.

Our brush holders with clamps have everything tightly under control. The carbon brushes are inserted into the brush shafts of the holder. The brush pressure comes – depending on the type – from a pressure finger, or (in the case of a self-recoiling spring holder) with a suitable self-recoiling spring holder, which permits the use of above-average length carbon brushes.

The characteristics of our brush holders with clamps

Your advantages at a glance

  • Individual: According according to the installation situation, single brush holders can be combined with different terminal types
  • Variable: brush holders with clamps for additional phase connections and adjustable brush pressure are available

Catalogues and brochures

Carbon brush holders


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Carbon brushes


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Components for current-transmission systems


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