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The great variety of contact shoe shapes and materials means there are very few limits in terms of applications. Which linear current transmission system are you working on now?

Amongst other applications, our contact shoes are in use on power rails and current collectors, as grounding contacts, or for electrifying port cranes (E-RTG).

One special feature: MACK contact shoes can be plastic coated if required. This provides partial insulation and enables perfect coordination throughout the whole system. Exactly as you require.

contact shoe

The characteristics of our contact shoes

Your advantages at a glance

  • Tailored: production is possible in shapes designed especially for your application
  • Efficient production: pressed directly into shape for larger quantities
  • Large selection: many different connection versions
  • Coordinated grade/brush quality: completely personalised for your application

Catalogues and brochures

Carbon brushes


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Components for current-transmission systems


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