Company history

The story of our future

As Josef Mack rolled up his sleeves more than 70 years ago, he had a single vision in mind: he wanted to build something. That “get-it-done” gene has remained an integral part of the MACK DNA through to today. Learn about our company history, a history that is also a classic story of German medium-sized companies.



In the beginning was the anchor – which is not only used for ships, but is also the German name of the rotor in electrical motors. Founded in the period after the Second World War in the town of Giessen in Middle Hesse, right in the heart of Germany, the ‘Ankerbedarf Josef Mack’ company initially focussed on trading with articles for the repair of electrical machines.

From trade to production

In 1950 the young company relocated to nearby Grünberg. Specific customer requirements paved the way towards setting up in-company production. Through the launch of carbon brush production Josef Mack started what still characterises the company to this day. The manufacture of high-quality, metal-graphite grades, the establishment of toolmaking and the start of holder production followed.

The 1950s
The 1960s

Expertise and expansion

From 1960 onwards the company continued to grow. In this way, Josef Mack was able to expand both toolmaking and holder production, and extend the product range with the start of small component production, successfully supplying to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for the first time. The result? In 1964/65 the company moved into a new administration and production building at the current location.

Healthy growth

At the end of the 1960s new processes evolved production at Josef Mack KG, such as the manufacture of carbon brush blanks, or carbon brush rockers in thermoset. Josef Mack successively restructured his company, in the process creating what has become a modern component supplier for current transmission solutions. In 1974 the first current collector for linear power transmission left the production facility in Grünberg.

The 1970s
The 1980s

The next generation

After 32 years, Josef Mack passed the baton to Peter Mack in 1980, who was to lead Josef Mack GmbH & Co. KG successfully for the next 35 years. In the course of the 1980s it became clear: increasingly more space was required. In the headquarters, new buildings and extensions provided additional production areas, together with offices, conference rooms, and staff break rooms.

More space, new techniques

From 1989 onwards the first plastic-injection moulding machine offered new opportunities in the production of specific system components. Peter Mack continued to drive the expansion of capacities and production possibilities for carbon brushes and brush holders in the years that followed, together with the orientation towards modern processes and new customer requirements.

The 1990s
The 2000s

Quality with a guarantee

The new millennium saw more expansion and modernisation in the company’s production buildings. Quality has always been important at MACK – since 2007 the company has also been TÜV inspected and certified in accordance with ISO standard 9001. Today MACK still only produces in Germany, still only in Grünberg.

Leading the way

New manufacturing processes were introduced and cooperations with universities were concluded. Since 2019, Joachim Lotz has been in charge of the company. The creed remains: MACK makes ideas come true. Today, MACK's high-quality components can be found in numerous future markets and sophisticated application systems. The future, made in Germany.


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